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Quick Trax, LLC was formed out of a desire to assist employers not only with maintaining a safe, drug-free business, but in seeking out those who may be struggling with a drug addiction.  Our founders have witnessed first-hand the destruction brought about by drug and alcohol addiction, and it is our hope that we may play a part in helping people to overcome what can be a devastating disease.

With over twenty years' experience in law enforcement, risk management, security, and investigations, our founders understand the tremendous impact of addiction on businesses, families, and employers. 

We are committed to providing employers with some of the tools they need to effectively manage their drug-testing safety programs, and to providing support for families who have found themselves lost in the middle of a loved one's addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please see our For Families page to learn more about where you can find help.

Contact us today to discuss making Quick Trax, LLC your partner in implementing a drug testing program.

Call us now at 1-877-837-8011.

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